Constitution Of The Donald Learning Group Inc., Community Centre (DLG):
  This is the constitution for the Donald Learning Group Inc., Community Centre (DLG) which is a non-profit organisation.

  This constitution contains all the key agreements made by the members of the (DLG) and on how the (DLG) will work.

  The (DLG) exists to help benefit the Donald Community and surrounding areas. The (DLG) intends to improve people’s skills and knowledge           by way of supplying a venue for all groups and organisations in the Donald area. Running courses and activities to help people learn new life         and balance skills, improve employment opportunities, socialize and improving one’s self confidence. All classes/activities are conducted in a       fun, safe, friendly and non-threatening environment.

  The community will benefit from the facilities at the (DLG) with such things as photocopying, scanning, venue hire for conferences/meetings,        printing, secretarial duties, use of computers, Centrelink, Medicare, job network (Eworks) and more.

  The (DLG) is a place for all community members to be offered assistance, to learn, use facilities or just come have a cuppa and chat in a                  safe, friendly and non-threatening environment.

  The Board:
  Is governed by 10 people that will consider and vote on all correspondence and items tabled at meetings. The Board will also make                          recommendations. The Board will deal and be responsible for all finances and assets of the (DLG). The rights of a member are not                            transferrable and end when membership ceases.
  Is by nomination only. Any person from an organisation can be nominated. These members should support the purpose of the (DLG).
  Annual General Meetings:
  Will be determined by the Committee for the date, time and place for the next meeting. The Annual General Meeting is held in August each           year. Annual General Meetings are to be held 5 months after the end of each financial year. General Meetings are held once a month.  All
  positions become available for nomination at the Annual General Meeting each year.
  To be in writing and given to the (DLG). Members can be expelled for failing to comply with rules, refusing to support the purpose of (DLG) or        have engaged in bad conduct to the (DLG).

  Audit Process:
  The (DLG) will be audited regularly. An independent audit will be conducted by an external auditor. The audit and financials go to the Board          and all funding bodies.
  Grievance, complaints and dispute resolution/education courses is as per (DLG) policy and procedure section 19 (18 – 3) and are  available to         the public for scrutiny.

  Policies and Procedures:
  These files are available on request for public inspection.
  Company Records:
  All company records, books, documents and securities of the (DLG) will be kept under the secure care of the Coordinator and Financial                  Manager with the oversight of the Chairperson.

  Policy History
  Drafted          Ratified/Accepted          To Be Reviewed          Reviewed          Comments​​
  22/11/17                 01/02/18                                                                                     By Board of Management;
                                                                                                                                         C Delaney(Co)/ Ida Bourke (chair)
                                                                                                                                         C Delaney/ Ida Bourke.