​​​ Information

  Role of the Donald Learning Centre Inc., Community Centre is:

  1. To promote visitation to Donald and surrounding areas.
  2. To create a positive experience for visitors by providing a high level of friendly and professional service.    3. To provide effective community information services to community members.

  Services and Facilities:

  1. The Donald Learning Group Inc., Community Centre opening hours are 8:30am-5:00pm Monday - Friday.
  2. Brochures and Advertising.
  3. Displays, Signage and Event Banners.
  4. Broadband access for seniors and Internet access for community members.
  5. Meetings and Courses.
  Donald Learning Group Inc., Community Centre is part of the Mallee Neighbourhood House Network.      Currently there are 13 houses in the Mallee Neighbourhood House Inc.

  Mallee Neighbourhood House Network Purposes are: 

  1. To provide individual support, training and resources to the members.
  2. To identify and support Neighbourhood Houses, staff and committees experiencing difficulty.
  3. To collaborate on regional issues, needs and projects among the membership.
  4. To represent and advocate on regional issues and needs to the MNH, local and state governments.
  5. To provide governance and management support to the members.
  6. To build capacity, links with and between Neighbourhood Houses and other community                              organisations at local and regional level.

  Proudly Associated with the Mallee Neighbourhood House Network​​.