Mission Statement

 The Donald Learning Group has been in existence for 20 years and incorporated since 12.04.1987.
​ The Donald Learning Group Inc., Community Centres mission is to provide all members of Donald and 
 surrounding communities access to a safe and inclusive environment where they can develop and
 expand vocational personal and community skills through youth and adult educational training and
 activities in a thriving, diverse community. We are a child safe organisation with zero tolerance approach to   child abuse.


Raymond L Walker JP
My first encounter with the learning group was some thirteen years ago whilst between    jobs. I paid the Centre a visit and after a series of discussions I joined the team and assisted  with the streamlining of the finance system.
One thing led to another and I stayed on as Finance and Accounts Manager on a needs   basis. At this point it was felt that I could also become an authorised Centrelink Agentgiving  the Centre three trained persons to cover annual leave or as required sick leave.
On the days I was in attendance I would place a small notice in the window advising that a JP  was in attendance, adding another service to the range provided by the Centre. A function I    am still able to offer the Centre today.
I am pleased to remain associated with the Centre and to provide my services as a JP and a    Centrelink Agent, enabling me to provide emergency relief and support for the Manager and staff.
Welcome Angie Donnellon Joined the Donald Learning Group Inc., Community Centre in October 2018 as a casual worker, we value your support Angie & look forward to working with you in the future
Welcome Sarah-Kate Maddumage. I came to the Community Centre for wok experience. I did not have an idea what they did here. A couple of hours into my first day, I realised how much they helped people. As part of my work experience I learnt basic secretary, reception skills. I dealth with a lot of people & I loved the feeling I got when helping someone which is the reason I am now a Youth Volunteer. 
Being part of the Centre has helped me gain confidence and the ability to be myself in this welcoming enviroment.